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Texas Driver Education Program

32 hours of classroom instruction

7 hours of in car driving instruction
7 hours of observation

Test for permit (upon passing test receive 964 certificate to obtain permit from DPS)

Upon completion of course receive 964 certificate to obtain license and one for insurance discount

Total package cost: $380       


Teen Classroom instruction only also offered

(32 hours of classroom instruction)


Behind-the-Wheel (in-car) instruction only

Per 1 hour lesson

$ 55.00

7 hours of driving  &  7 hours of observation    package also offered


Pick up from School during classroom instruction only

$  10.00/wk


No show fee

$  25.00           ( MUST CALL to cancel  NOT 48hrs,  NOT 24hrs,  but only 4 hrs before appointment time Monday thru Friday.  To cancel for a Saturday drive, please call by 5pm Friday)


  Adult on-line driving course (6hours)

$ 48.00